Unstuck coaching by Burnout Proof

Are you stuck and can't seem to move forward?

It happens to all of us at some point. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Unstuck is hyper-focused, quick coaching with one goal: to get you the clarity you need to take a step forward when you’ve been stuck.


It takes you from wasting energy as you stand still - feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just plain lost - to clarity and forward momentum through short-term personalized guidance, so you can proceed with optimism. 

Unstuck is perfect for when you:

  • are experiencing decision paralysis – whether you are being overwhelmed by the options or feeling the fear of making the wrong decision.
  • know you need to take a hard action, but you just can’t seem to do it.
  • are languishing in a holding pattern and can’t seem to get out.
  • can’t get a handle on a situation due to its complexity or uncertainty.
  • need to unpack something that’s been weighing on your mind but you don’t know where to start.
  • want to strategize on next steps forward in a specific area.
  • literally just don’t know what to do.

Meet Your Coach

headshot of Katherine M. Sauer, a smiling blonde woman in a teal blouse

Hi, I’m Katie Sauer.

I’ve been helping people find clarity and forward momentum in the midst of tricky or confusing situations for 20+ years.

Cutting through the noise, putting you at ease, and helping you get to the heart of the matter are three of my strengths.

I’m an ex-professor, and former nonprofit executive. I’ve been burned out and have made it through to the other side - a sustainable and vibrant place. I’ve lost and found my purpose (multiple times). I’m an avid learner and have credentials across economics, leadership, nutrition, yoga and meditation, executive coaching, and more.


I don’t take myself too seriously and believe learning and development shouldn’t be a chore and doesn’t have to be stuffy.     


Katie has the perfect balance of right and left brain to help you navigate through the important logistical and analytical questions, while getting to the root of the issue.

– C.U., higher education professional

The Unstuck coaching package looks like this:


  • You’ll complete an onboarding worksheet in advance of our session so we can laser-focus our attention on a single topic and I can get up to speed on you and the issue a bit.
  • We’ll have a 45-minute coaching session via Zoom where our one goal is to get you enough clarity to take a step or two forward.
  • For the two weeks immediately following the session, we’ll message each other using the free Voxer app. I’ll hold you accountable (gently or firmly – you decide), be your cheerleader, and serve as your sounding board as you are taking action.
  • We’ll conclude with a 20-minute coaching session to debrief on how the situation is progressing and set a plan for sustaining forward progress.

Any aspect of burnout/resilience, work-life well-being, workday situations, career changes/advancement, or connection to purpose is fair game for us to tackle.

What is it costing you to stay frozen in the muddle?

Start moving forward again.

Get Unstuck now for $750.

I really appreciate all the concrete feedback and "homework" assignments. I have a lot to do but I feel good about the next steps and you made it less overwhelming for me.

– M.G., social impact professional

Are you ready to be Unstuck?

Request an enrollment form via the link below.

Once submitted, you'll get an email with information on scheduling logistics, a payment link, and the onboarding worksheet.

From that email, you can also schedule a free 15-minute chemistry consultation before you commit.

send me the enrollment form


Can you really help solve my problem in such a short time?

I’m confident I can help you to *move in a productive direction* in the short time we work together. Depending on the nature of the stuck situation, it might be completely abated within the two weeks as you proceed, or you might take only one step forward in the form of focused personal reflection or inquiry.


What if I need longer-term coaching support for my issue – can I book more sessions?

Unstuck is purposely designed to be short-term. If you feel one additional round of sessions/support would be helpful for you to sustain momentum, then it makes sense to book again. If you want ongoing coaching support beyond that, I can help you find a suitable professional to work with.


How much asynchronous support will I get?

During our two weeks of Voxer messaging, you can message me as needed. Some days you might not message me at all and others it might be several times. I’ll check in on it several times a day. You are free to message me overnight, but know that I won’t respond from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. mountain time.


I want to see if my employer will reimburse me for Unstuck using my professional development funds – can you help?

Sure! To make a good pitch for using professional development money, focus on articulating the issue you want assistance with and why that is of benefit to the organization.


Here is some template language you can customize or mix/match from when you are making your request.

I’ve identified a resource that can help me …

… work through my challenge of ___________ which will allow me to _____________.

… strategize some options for __________ which will result in ___________.

… get my head around ____________ which means ___________ for the organization.

… take action on ___________ so that ____________.

I’m requesting approval to allocate $750 for a short-term coaching engagement with Burnout Proof, an organization focused on serving mission-driven achievers and leaders with leadership development, workday well-being, and healthy connection to purpose.


If you are seeking burnout or resilience coaching, you might also consider using employer-provided wellness funds, if available to you.

Terms & Conditions

Burnout Proof’s general terms and conditions may be accessed here.


Specific terms and conditions for the Unstuck Coaching Package include:

  • Payment: Full payment is due prior to the 45-minute session.
  • Support: Asynchronous communication takes place using the free Voxer app. Email and direct texts may be used as a backup option in the event of technical difficulties with Voxer.
  • Cancellation: Client may cancel a coaching session without penalty up to 24-hours in advance. If Client cancels with less than 24-hours notice, they’ll be charged a $30 cancellation fee. No-shows are charged $300 per hour, pro-rated according to the scheduled appointment length.    
  • Timely Progress: The two weeks of asynchronous support begins the day after the 45-minute session is held and runs for the next 14 days straight, unless another arrangement is discussed and confirmed in writing. The 20-minute follow-up session should be scheduled for 3 or 4 weeks after the initial session. If serious, extenuating circumstances arise that impact Client’s ability to follow through in a timely manner, Client may reach out to discuss a possible deferment. If a deferment is granted, Client has one year to resume the asynchronous support and finish the package, or the original payment shall be forfeited.
  • Refunds: There are no refunds on this coaching package. Client may book a free 15-minute chemistry call before deciding to purchase coaching services.